Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to keep my AntiVirus if I use CyberGate LSP?

No. In fact, even if you decide not to sign up for our service, you don’t need any third party Antivirus software on Windows 7, 8, or 10 PCs. Especially if your current antivirus is a “free” AV that you’ve downloaded.

Windows defender is on and running by default on all windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs. Windows Defender is as good as any Antivirus you would pay for, and far superior to any “free” antivirus you may have downloaded.

You can find a detailed blog post on the subject of Antivirus here.

How is CyberGateLSP different then Antivirus?

CyberGateLSP offers protection, not just detection. Antivirus only detects the threat once the damage is already done, when the virus is already on your device. CyberGateLSP stops the threat at the source, before it can reach you.

What makes CyberGateLSP different from a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN only encrypts your traffic between you and the “exit node” from which you access the rest of the web. A VPN doesn’t stop threats or viruses; it just hides your traffic as it passes between your devices and that exit node. Put simply, a VPN makes your devices appear to be some place else on the web.

You can find out more about what VPNs do and don’t do from this excellent video on YouTube: This Video Is Sponsored By ███ VPN

(Disclaimer, we have no affiliation with Tom Scott we just think his video is a great explanation of VPNs!)

How Does CyberGateLSP Work?

CyberGateLSP is based around one simple concept. Stop the villainy at the source, long before it can even reach you. Your device is connected to our Secure Enclave, where your traffic is filtered by the very best security devices designed for major multi-national corporations and governments. Technology on it’s own is not enough, it takes true talent and expertise to operate it. Each of our staff working within our Secure Enclave have more then 20 years experience securing multi-national networks. You can find even more detail here: How CybergateLSP works

If the big companies are using such great technology, why do they get hacked all the time?

Technology isn’t everything. You have to have both talent and expertise to employ the latest technology correctly. All large corporations suffer from two problems when dealing with information security: A shortage of talent, and the many layers of bureaucracy that comes with size.

It’s that talent that makes CyberGateLSP different from everything else. Our Secure Enclave is monitored and maintained by seasoned experts. Each has more then twenty years experience building, securing, and maintaining large multi-national networks.

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