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Antivirus is dead, long live antivirus!

Antivirus is dead, and it has been for a long time. We all know it, even if we didn’t understand it. In 2014, more than 5 years ago, The Wall Street Journal quoted Symantec (creators of Norton AV) declaring their own antivirus product dead.

Everyone has an antivirus. Some of us use a pricey one from the big software companies that comes in the yellow or red box. Others use free ones that we’ve downloaded from the Internet – in exchange for letting them spy on us. After all nothing is really free, and in the digital age if your not paying for the product, you are the product.

In spite of having one of these AV programs, free or paid, we’ve all either gotten Ransomware on our devices, or know someone who has. It’s the digital equivalent of a house fire. Your digital pictures are gone, everything your working on, your businesses records are lost, your tax returns, anything you have on that device is just digital ashes. Worse still is the spyware that instead of blowing up our devices, it sneaks around like thief in the night.  Stealing all our passwords, including our banking passwords, then all our money, all while you have no idea it’s happening.

For the most part we have had to simply accept this as the cost of using the Internet because we haven’t had much of a choice. You may have tried to load yet more software to try to fix the problem, which then actually creates two new ones. One is cost, $100 here and $50 a year there really starts to add up, and then all those programs really start to drag the device’s performance down, making everything slow.

Another option is to become something of a security genius. This is not something everyone can do, but even for those who have the time and inclination to do so, perhaps as a hobby, can never hope to keep up with every new method of attack the bad guys come up with. Gloomy to be sure, yet there is still hope.

Two decades ago, our top founder at ProSecure LSP recognized this problem was approaching. His brilliant idea was to stop the threats at the source, the internet connection, before it can reach you.

You see, Antivirus and all the other add-ons you might use on your device won’t do anything until the ransomware has landed on your device. Even then it can only save you if can detect that particular version of ransomware. In order to detect the threat it needs to first recognize and understand how it works, and what it’s code is. If it can’t, then it wont, and boom, the smoke is rising up from your expensive device. It’s because of these two facts, the threat must already be on your device, and AV must know and understand it in order to do anything about it, means that Antivirus is well and truly dead.

Now it’s not fair to say that AV isn’t a useful tool. Because it does makes a great broom and dustpan for sweeping up the ashes after the digital house burns. Once it figures out what started the fire, it can remove it. But it can’t give you your money back, it can’t recover your lost files, and it can’t really prevent the attack in the first place.

Cybergate LSP is an evolutionary leap in personal device security. That’s because it starts with a really simple idea: stop the threats before they can even get at you. However with anything, it’s simple in concept but very difficult in execution. It’s taken twenty years for us to go from idea, to R&D, to a full-blown security solution for your personal devices.

It all begins when you sign up for our service.  Once you connect your devices to our secure network, all of your Internet traffic will be scanned at high speed by the best security technologies. Technologies that before now, were only available to mega corporations and major world powers. Our system is completely automated using custom crafted processes and artificial intelligence that protects you, and your complete internet privacy.

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